The Question of Canon


When it comes to the study of Textual criticism, it all seems overwhelming. When people inquire of me about this subject, I find myself saying there is no introductory level. Now "The Question of Canon" is by no means introductory, but Dr. Kruger has a way to take the study of higher criticism out of the seminary level and put it in layman's terms. 

Dr. Kruger tackles the most prominent "fears" that Christians have when it comes to the Bible. In my line of work (pastor) I am always confronted with the same question. "How do we know the Bible is true," we are asked this question regularly because the world promotes the idea that the Bible was changed and the book we hold today is copies of copies. But Dr. Kruger confronts these ideas in a clear and concise manner, which leaves you educated and not confused.

As a Pastor, I recommend this book to help you understand why you as a Christian follow the words of the Bible. Take your time, ask questions, and ultimately learn! 

Pastor Aaron Visser