The Gospel Transformation Study Bible


I have been really enjoying Crossway’s ESV “Gospel Transformation Study Bible.” I never thought I would be a fan of a hardcover Bible but I have been proven wrong. Speaking about the cover the aesthetics of the casing. It is a simple white and blue colour, with a nice paint in water, feel to it. I thought I was pretty eye-catching.

The addition that I received from Crossway comes with a dust cover that you’re able to remove, and the same pattern mentioned above follows unto the actual cover of the Bible. Although I still prefer a leather Bible, I am impressed by the quality of the cover crossway used. As I said it’s aesthetically pleasing, but also opens nicely and lays flat. The paper quality is nice and it's easy to turn the pages. There is also some good room on most pages to add little notes as you are studying.

I would say that the Gospel Transformation Bible is more focused on Biblical theology that it is on exegeting each verse like the ESV Study Bible. Which is nice to have! I personally would use both the Gospel Transformation Study Bible and the ESV Study Bible together. The Gospel Transformation Bible claims to have 80,000 cross-references which is impressive!

The Gospel Transformation Study Bible has two main goals found in its introduction.

To enable readers to understand that the whole Bible is a unified message of the Gospel of God’s grace culminating in Christ Jesus. (This is very important as a lot of skeptics will argue that the Bible is not unified).

To help delivers apply this good new to their everyday lives in a heart-transforming way.


Each book of the Bible will have an introduction page for it.

What will the introduction include?

Author and Date

The gospel in that particular book

Outline of the book

The set up of the Gospel Transformation Bible is pretty basic. You have your Biblical text, and then a dividing line which separates your text from the author's notes. The notes are easy to follow as they are labelled to their corresponding verse.

Also on the side of each page is a list of cross-references to other verses relating to the verse you are reading. This is very handy for following the flow of scripture.


To write this review I have been using the Gospel Transformation Study Bible as my daily Bible to get a feel for it. I have to say I have really enjoyed it. The notes are clear and concise and the font is easy on the eyes. It is probably one of the easiest Bibles I have read in terms of font style and size.

I would recommend this Bible to both teens and adults. To people leading small groups or writing sermons. You will find that this study Bible does a lot of the background work for you! It is a resource you should have on your shelf or buy it as a gift for a friend!