Remaining Faithful in Ministry - John MacArthur

Remaining faithful in ministry has been a very impactful book for me as a minister at a local church. I wouldn’t say there was anything new in this book, but there was a ton of wisdom from a man who has been in ministry for years. That is one of the things I find most valuable about remaining faithful in ministry is the years of wisdom that you feel leap off the pages as you read chapter after chapter.

I would suggest and highly recommend this book to every believer, but especially to believers in ministry leader positions or pastoral leadership. This puts our service into perspective that we don’t do this job for fame or money, rather bring glory to Christ and to reach the lost with his great grace. MacArthur brings clarity to obstacles that we will face and suffering that we will endure and helps put that into the perspective of eternity.

The need for a pure heart and clean hands in ministry is made very evident in this book. It was a nice challenge and reminder that we as leaders often times set the tone for the ones who follow us. IF they see of behaving in a sinful way they may pull permission from our lifestyle.

If you are in ministry, thinking of joining in ministry, or just an average joe, I would recommend you read this book!